Alaska Hwy, Beaver Creek
3km/1.8Mil from Canadian border – 30km/20Mil from the US border

(867) 862-7111


lunch menu

Soup and homemade bread

Hot dog large and fries

Breaded hot wings

Chicken fingers and fries

Loaded nachos

Poutine fries with mozzarella cheese and smothered in gravy

Quesadillas chicken or beef

Beef dip sandwich with onions and mozzarella cheese served with fries


Taco salad

Chef’s salad

Greek salad and garlic toast

Caesars salad with garlic toast (chicken breast optional)


Grilled turkey onion and cheese

Clubhouse large

Grilled ham and cheese with Swiss or cheddar

Tuna or salmon sandwich

Toasted bacon lettuce and tomato

Veggie sandwich tomato lettuce onion cucumbers

Cold turkey or ham sandwich with cheese and lettuce

Cold roast beef onion and lettuce sandwich


(All burgers are dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, relish and mustard served on a homemade bun!)

Buckshot Betty burger beef patty with mushrooms and Swiss cheese

Shakwak burger beef patty with maple ham, cheddar cheese and mushrooms

Club burger fried chicken breast with bacon and cheese

Discovery burger beef patty ham mushrooms fried egg, bacon and cheese

Deluxe burger beef patty with all the trimmings